Personalise your funeral – Say “goodbye” YOUR way

admin, June 21, 2017

PROTECT YOUR LOVED ONES WITH PRE PAID FUNERAL PLANS SURBITON Planning your funeral is one of the last ways you can show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Not only will you relieve them from extra financial burden of paying for your funeral, you will also give them peace of mind that [...]

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Enroll on a Tantric Course in Brighton Today!

admin, June 17, 2017

When considering enrolling on a Tantric Training Brighton course or undertaking any type of Tantric Training Bristol & Hove you may find yourself wondering what you will gain from the course and what a Tantra Teacher will teach you? The Tantric Journey School of Healing and Awakening gives training courses that offer you the opportunity to investigate [...]

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Rent A Date with Dukes of Daisy with their Carefully Selected Escorts

admin, June 15, 2017

It only takes a few minutes to register with Dukes of Daisy rent a friend service, find a date within minutes, hand pick choosing attributes, interests and personality to suit exactly what you are looking for. Duke of Daisy male escort and female escorts are carefully selected based on key qualities that ensure you have an [...]

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Spread the Cost of Your Wedding with Marquee Hire’s Help!

admin, June 14, 2017

WONDERFUL MARQUEES FOR WEDDINGS, PARTIES & OCCASIONS Planning your wedding and need ideas for the perfect wedding theme and venue. With Marquee Hire Sussex, the professionals with years of experience you won’t go wrong. They offer excellent honest advice and can help make your dream a reality. Here are some reasons why hiring a marquee from marquee [...]

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Hire Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Equipment

admin, June 13, 2017

Don’t be blown away by the cost of repairs especially in today’s economic climate companies are looking to save money at every given opportunity. Repairing and hiring equipment will save money whilst keeping down time to a minimum. IBS – Industrial blower services understand how important it is to ensure the clients down time is [...]

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Book a Tantric Therapists in Westminster Today!

admin, June 12, 2017

Tantra is a life approach, which integrates sexual energy, emotions, the senses, love and consciousness. It can be used to release trapped obstinate emotions and can rejuvenate physical, mental and spiritual health. Tantra emerged in India in the seventh century to weave (that’s the meaning of the word Tantra) every aspect of daily life including [...]

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Mal Weeraratne is the Author of Emotional Detox

admin, June 10, 2017

Just the phrase ‘Emotional Detox through bodywork’, sounds deeply enticing, the idea that this practice can really be achieved is a marvellous one. Mal Weeraratne is an experienced teacher and practitioner that runs Tantric Journey School of Healing and Awakening where Mal Weeraratne and other TJ practitioners run courses that allow students to learn the combined teachings [...]

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DIY Marquees High Quality Marquee for Sale

admin, June 7, 2017

DIY Marquees many years’ experience in the marquee selling business always offer sound and valuable advice for their customers. With hundreds of high quality Professional Marquees for sale they are one of the top marquee selling businesses around. Below is what Stephen the owner of DIY Marquees Commercial Marquees for sale says about marquee design and quality. [...]

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Tantric Teacher Training Bristol & Hove

admin, May 20, 2017

CERTIFIED TANTRIC TRAINING Learn the Art of Emotional Release through Tantric – Tao Bodywork Go on a journey with us as we teach you  the skills to peel off (like peeling layers of an onion) the layers of negative emotions such as shame, fear, mistrust, sadness, anger etc to open the body very quickly, clearing [...]

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Sage Cloud Hosting – Anywhere, Anytime Access

admin, May 20, 2017

Get your business on the cloud using Sage Cloud? Sage is a sophisticated solution to all accounting requirements, with its unrivaled accuracy, every minute of the day. Sage will ensure your company is totally compliant and that you have total control. Rock solid, reliable reporting makes Sage the No1 choice for Hr & Payroll. Everything you [...]

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