Go on a Tantric journey with the founder Mal Weeraratne

, January 15, 2022

Some might say that we are in unprecedented times as the globe turns hopefully towards healing from the ravages of the last two or so years. Unprecedented because never has everyone across the entire globe been taken siege in the way that we experienced with the Covid-19 pandemic which was able to spread like wild-fire, […]

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Funeral Planning Made Simple with Lodge Brothers Merrow Professional Service

, January 14, 2022

Just as the cost of living increases from year to year, the cost of dying is no different. The SunLife cost of dying report for 2021, an annual sector-leading research paper, which has been providing a comprehensive overview of funeral costs since 2004, shows that the cost of funerals has continued to increase on an […]

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Speak to Knowall IT the experts in Cloud Computing

, January 13, 2022

Two out three organisations recognise the crucial role that cloud computing plays in the role of their digital transformation. Engaging with cloud computing support is a guaranteed way of decreasing business costs, increasing productivity and out-performing against competitors who are part of the 1/3rd of organisations who are still not yet using the cloud as […]

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Finding the perfect date is quick and easy!

, January 11, 2022

Never before has humankind faced the personal challenges which society has had to embrace and conquer, in the days since 2020. Never before, have communities been so polarised, divided and challenged. Yet never before have we as a species had the opportunity to do greater good than harm. Throughout the world we see examples of […]

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IBS keep clients moving!

, January 8, 2022

The reputation of IBS is renown across the UK for its commitment to quality products and services, delivering top engineering advice and assistance from professionals with decades of experience in the industry, as well as for ensuring value for money. Being able to provide top quality services means understanding the products and services so that […]

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Lodge Brothers Probate fees are fix and agreed in advance

, January 7, 2022

What is a lasting power of attorney? A Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) is a legal document that lets you appoint another person, the attorney, to make financial and/or welfare decisions on your behalf, if in the future you become unable or unwilling to make your own decisions. What is probate and why is it […]

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DIY Marquees Raising Marquees to New Heights

, January 6, 2022

Aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs in search of the perfect start-up business to set them on the track to success will be interested in how to create a business using a marquee as a mobile and versatile tool for getting your business out there! Marquees are unique in that wherever you can find an area […]

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