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Cambridge Tango can be proud

I know, it’s a provocative title for a blog and you’re thinking “he’s just saying that to get me to read this”, but I think it’s true and I think people that were there will back me up.

Saturday the 13th April 2013 at Tangamente Late was a significant night.  Every man was leading his partner in a conversation, not just with her but with the couple in front of him and the couple behind him and the couple to the side of him.  Each little group was behaving in an harmonious way, so that to me the dance floor was moving as one, not bumping not stealing space, not being distracted from the music by the couple next to them.

What a wonderful moment: we could be proud of our ronda.  There were a sprinkling of visitors too, from Switzerland, from London, all having a great time.  This was a moment to celebrate.

It’s something we have been working towards for a long while now.   Annette, Ellie, Savio, Mel, and I have been aware that tango students need to be reminded of the line of dance. We have borrowed some ideas from other milongas where the dance floor has a reputation for being excellent – we have put out some table signs and we have taught our students with this in mind and they are not letting us down.

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