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It stands to reason that if you have come as far as to find the Tantric Journey website, that you have most likely already taken the time to do a lot of research and homework on the principles and practices of Tantra as an awakening technique. It also stands to reason that you have probably come to see that locating a Tantra Healer London will most certainly bring you to one place only – and that is exactly where you are now. How exciting that you have investigated and consulted with your inner being which has no double guided you to find the best approach to awakening the body. The Tantric Journey begins with a need, often unbeknownst to the searcher themselves; a deep and hidden knowledge and understanding that things can feel better to you. If you are someone who has this feeling deep inside, and you have listened with your heart to your intuition, then you have already begun your journey and are long down the path to recovery from emotional pain and suffering. Tantric Healing London brings you to the Tantric Journey which is a philosophy developed by Mal Mal Weeraratne who has intertwined the ancient beliefs of Tantric and Taoism, based on Eastern philosophies and combined them with the knowledge of Western medicine, resulting in a modality which has the capacity to transform your life.

In taking your decision to investigate the Tantric Journey and completing the first step in your journey, we want to assure you that the process is a highly ethical one. Tantra is always referred to in terms of sex or sexuality but that does not mean that the process is anyway untoward. The reason why tantra is synonymous with sex is because tantric energy is life energy. Eastern traditions often used the words life energy and sexual energy inter-changeably, because it was their belief that these were one and the same thing. It is this life or sexual energy which is channeled through the energy centers within and through out our bodies to promote healing energy and assist with releasing negative emotions and feelings. The system which you will encounter on your Tantric Journey will enable you to discover hidden and latent beliefs which your body still houses within and by activating the life centers, the healing journey begins. With Tantric Journey healing is the wonderful out-come of your decision to go deeper but you will also find that, should you decide to attend with your partner, your relationships will also begin to flourish and you will no doubt begin to find your home in each other once more.

The Tantric Journey must not be misunderstood to be all about the pursuit of sexual ecstasy as any authentic practitioner of tantra understands that the purpose of tantra is to service the body through the holistic healing treatment the whole of your being, the results of which can include the addressing of fertility issues, menopausal symptoms and difficulty experience orgasm to alleviating depression, insomnia, body dysphoria and the like.

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