Finding the perfect date is quick and easy!

, January 11, 2022

Never before has humankind faced the personal challenges which society has had to embrace and conquer, in the days since 2020. Never before, have communities been so polarised, divided and challenged. Yet never before have we as a species had the opportunity to do greater good than harm. Throughout the world we see examples of […]

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Sign up as a Male Escort UK

, March 17, 2021

Escort agencies have been around since almost the beginning of time and so too has the human need for companionship. From before birth humans connect to the voices of their mothers and fathers and after birth, the human baby is 100% dependent on its family for survival. As the human baby grows older, they start […]

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Dukes of Daisy Non-sexual Escorts Liverpool

, August 12, 2020

Not an escort agency and not a dating service, the companion services industry has introduced a whole new opportunity for men and women who are looking for something different to help them deal with the stresses and strains of their social life. Having a social life which is full and rich is always a wonderful […]

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Seeking companionship? Look no further…..

, June 18, 2018

I heard you were looking for me… and here I am! How simple is that! Are you looking to book a date or simply a platonic friend to rent? With Dukes of Daisy its all very simple and straightforward, taking the anxiety and stress out of many social occasions with an added dose of friendship […]

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