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When life plays you a hand that you can neither play nor fold on; when in the moment you are stuck and do not know where to turn when you can hardly keep the thoughts in your head from running so much so that you can no longer focus on any of them, you need assistance with the events that have been laid at your foot. Lodge Brothers are there to help!

The uniqueness of Lodge Brothers service lies in the variety of services which Lodge Brothers can assist you with and the way in which we can help you through difficult times in your life. Most often than not, when you reach out to Lodge Brothers there is an underlying purpose residing perhaps in uncertainty and fear or it because you are trying to avoid uncertainty.  Lodge Brothers is sensitive to your specific set of circumstances and mindful to provide you with the most relevant and cost effective options to assist you with the many options available to help you.

Lodge Brothers have run the business for over 7 generations with 6  family members still involved as funeral directors which are a testament to the dedication that the family has to service and guide you and your loved ones through this process. A calling set deep in the hearts of our family, which is infused into all Lodge locations throughout the UK. We count each and every Lodge Brother branch as being set in the same mould as the original Lodge brothers, William and Stanley.

With centuries of experience, Lodge Brothers found that there was more than just need that our families had when dealing with funerals and so development our Lodge Legal services divisions. Duplicating the same good work ethos of “family first”, our legal services not only provides professional services such as probate, probate property evaluations, wills and lasting powers of attorney, but they also provide the same empathetic and respectful guidance and personal service. These services, are provided at these locations: Power of Attorney ChertseyPower of Attorney Guildford and Power of Attorney Ham

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