Understanding Emotional Detox

Understanding What Emotions are and How Emotions Become Trapped in the Body

Achieving personal transformation through Emotional Detox can be done through the healing of physical, psychological and life problems. Understanding emotional detox is a process where the negative feelings, emotions and beliefs, which are stored in all of the systems within the body, are released. The body is remarkable in that each individual part of the body is responsible for the processing or storage of different emotions which arise from our unconscious belief systems and our reactions to them. The brain, in conjunction with every organ, endocrine and body part, has the important job of dealing with these emotions as they arise.

The liver, for example, deals with anger. If anger ends up stored in the liver, this can be positively processed within the body and emotions can eventually be released. Should however anger end up in the spleen, which is responsible for worry and anxiety, this is when problems can start to occur. Of course there are many more energetic systems within the body which assist the physical aspects in dealing with the physical and emotions functions that each one has.

When a person releases negative emotions which may have been particularly difficult or retained in a part of the body where is caused additional stress to the body, this can result in an emotional healing crisis. Understanding Emotional Detox and understanding a Healing Crisis can facilitate a person when they chose to approach their healing from an alternative approach. A crisis in health can be shifted by accessing and releasing negative emotions stored within the body through this powerful and deeply healing technique.

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