Start your Tantric Journey at the School of Healing and Awakening…

, November 19, 2018

We all go through times in our lives when life seems to just flow better than at other times. Within that journey, so too we experience positive and healthy phases, and then sometimes we experience negative phases where bad experiences seem to perpetuate themselves and a vicious cycle feels like it will never be broken. […]

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Tantric Journey is a spiritual treatment for awakening and sexual healing

, December 16, 2017

The Festive season is upon us and Mal Weeraratne is preparing to teach again at Tao Gardens in Thailand.  Mal Weeraratne will give his students the opportunity to explore Tao and Tantric bodywork for emotional wellbeing and to benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of emotional detox through bodywork. Mal Weeraratne explains […]

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Sex Therapy in London with Tantric Journey

, December 9, 2017

Sex Therapy London is offered by a professional and experienced team of Tantric Journey Practitioners in Central London. Deciding to embark on sex therapy can be a difficult decision to make.  It takes a lot of courage to seek sex therapy as people often find sexual problems can be emotionally painful and embarrassing to share. […]

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